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Join the Vivisway Squad today and find a workout plan that fits your lifestyle and needs. Whether that's face to face coaching or an online program that can be done anytime, anywhere. 

Vivisway Programs

Join my team of women who are ready to see change. Vivisway Programs is a cost effective solution for online coaching. Receive instant access to all my unique workouts. And the best bit is you can train on demand, meaning you can fit it into your schedule. ​

Programmed by me for maximum results. Video demonstrations for each exercise​. Train for results. For more info on Vivisway Coaching or Online Coaching (a bespoke program for you, juts hit 'request call back'. 


Face to Face Coaching

All face to face session are held on location at S20 Health and Fitness Gym, Sheffield. Choose from 1 hour sessions or an intense and efficient 30 minute session, named Dirty 30. Dirty 30 sessions are great if you struggle to fit 1 hour into your day consistently and are very cost effective. 

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Online Coaching

Perfect for anyone who has basic to advanced knowlegde of the gym and is looking for a bespoke program which will cater specifically to their needs. Bespoke Online Coaching is a tailored offering that can include up to 6 day a week exercise plan, recipes and meal plans, shopping lists, weekly  email, video or phone progress check ins. 


Dance with Vivi


For those of you who know me, you'll know I love to dance. It's my therapy and I know for so many of you, it's yours too.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or your dance moves are still a work in progress (aren't we all?), this is your golden ticket to dance-floor glory.

No previous dance experience needed. Nope, zero, zilch. All you need is the burning desire to shake what your mama gave you and have a blast doing it.

Dancing is the ultimate full-body workout. We're talking cardio, flexibility, and toning - all while you're busting a move to your favorite beats. Get ready to sculpt that body and unleash your inner dance warrior!

Classes are one Saturday every month. Click on BOOK link to see the next dance class date. 


​Spaces are limited so book your spot quickly.

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